Bioenergetic Massage

Energetic balancing

Bioenergetic massage of the body is a combination of various different massage techniques in one massage. Using special essential oils and following the meridians of the body it boosts the flow of energy through the body. In this way physical tensions and pains as well as mental and emotional stress are released. A feeling of well-being and calmness are the result of a bioenergetic massage session. It lasts for about one hour.

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About the Teacher

Ajanta, Argyro Gerochristou began her studies at the T.E.I of Athens in the department of Aesthetics in the faculty of health and welfare professions. Parallel with her studies at the T.E.I she was trained in the application of biomolecular therapies for facial and body rejuvenation and worked in this field. She completed an intensive seminar in therapeutic pranic breathing and meditation techniques while she had already begun work as a holistic aesthetician using the body’s energy channels (meridians).

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